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What is the Refilling status?
What is the Refilling status?

Learn about the Refilling Campaign Status, and what it means

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YTMonster has added a new Campaign status called "Refilling."

So what is it exactly, and how does it work? When you launch a Campaign on our website, we record the number of views, subscribers, or likes you have on YouTube at your campaign's start.

The Refilling system is designed to automatically detect if you suddenly have fewer engagements than you had when starting the Campaign.

The Refilling status will appear in two scenarios:

  1. If you have no previous Campaigns for the video or channel you're launching a Campaign for, then the "Refilling" status will appear if you suddenly have fewer engagements than you had when starting the Campaign. In this case, we will automatically send you extra engagements at no additional cost, and the delivered count will return to zero (0) as our system refills the engagements.

  2. If previous Campaigns have been run for this specific video or channel, and the system notices you have fewer engagements than what you were supposed to have (combining all of the previously run Campaigns), the system will automatically adjust your Campaign to send those missing engagements as well. The Campaign Status will be marked as "Refilling," and the delivered count will display a negative number: the number of missed engagements.

Once your Campaign returns to the engagement level you were supposed to have, the delivered count will be at zero (0) or more, and the Campaign Status will change to "Live."

In summary, the Refilling feature ensures that you receive the number of engagements you request, and if there are any losses, our system automatically refills them at no extra cost to you. This system, is an added benefit of using our platform to boost your YouTube presence.

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