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How do I rank up?
How do I rank up?

Learn how our ranking system works, and how you rank up

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By default, you are Bronze after signing up. The same goes if you have been inactive for a prolonged period of time.

Bronze is the base rank, but you can increase your activity and get ranked up to one of the following ranks:

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Diamond

The requirements for each rank differ, but basically, you must do ONE of the following:

  • FREE Exchange enough on a weekly basis, or;

  • FREE Acquire active referrals, or;

  • PAID Reach the buy thresholds

The easiest way to rank up is by far to exchange views using our viewer client. This way, you can become Silver in less than one (1) hour, and even 100% automatically.

Once you reach a given rank, you will keep that rank, until you no longer meet the requirements of it.

You can get an overview of all of the ranks, their benefits and requirements, by clicking here.

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