We require you to enable autoplay to watch videos through the client. Major browsers have recently implemented changes that pause videos until users have interacted enough with a page's content. The browsers change creates a problem for our exchange platform, as users will pay for views that do not show up.

Thankfully, it is straightforward to enable autoplay in Firefox - which means you can get started earning Credits quickly.

1. Go to Settings/Preferences

There are two ways to get there. Either go to Firefox Settings/Preferences section, or copy and paste the following URL to your address bar:


2. Find "Autoplay" in the Preferences

If you're unable to find it. You can always search for autoplay in the little search bar.

3. Open the dropdown

Select Allow Audio and Video from the dropdown.

4. Save Changes

Once changed, ensure that you've selected the correct value from the dropdown. Hereafter, you can Save Changes.

5. Refresh client

Once you have changed the settings, you need to refresh the client. Once refreshed, you will be able to exchange views again. Please note, that if you disable this setting later on, you will not earn Credits from viewing until re-enabled.

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