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How do I use my Credits?
How do I use my Credits?

What is Credits, and what can I use them for?

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Credits is the virtual currency of YTMonster. It is accumulated either by earning or buying them.

Once you have obtained some Credits, you can spend them in the Campaigns section of our website.

To launch a campaign, first, click Campaigns in the sidebar menu, and then press the New Campaign button in the upper right corner.

Currently, Credits can be spent on increasing:

  • YouTube Views

  • YouTube Subscribers

  • YouTube Likes

You decide which video or channel you want your engagements for, and how many you want to be sent. Furthermore, you can customize delivery speed, GEO-targeting, and sending limits for your Campaigns depending on your account status. This can be done both at the time of starting the campaign and at a later time by editing it.

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